Cumberland Kiwanis

Minutes of March 5, 2012


Speaking:  Abbie Thill, Consumer Education Teacher

Topic:  Cumberland Schools Reality Check Program



Abbie Thill, consumer education teacher, spoke to us about the Reality Check program at the high school. Reality Check aims to help seniors learn financial management skills and help prepare them for life after high school. The event will be held at the high school gym on May 16th from 8:30-1:00. The gym will be broken down into several booths that each student must visit, as well as several optional booths. The first few steps have to be done in order by each student. First, they set career goals and are given computer generated cards which give them their salary, family size, etc. Second, they pick up their paycheck and then head to Uncle Sam to pay their taxes. Next, they visit the bank to deposit their net paycheck. Then they they decide if they want to buy a house or rent one. Last, they must purchase a car. They can choose to buy a new or used one. They also have to pick a general lifestyle selection such as economy, average, above average, or luxury. Some of the booth purchases are then determined by what status they chose. Some of the other booths that they must visit are the convenience store to buy gas, insurance booth for auto and homeowners insurance and the grocery store, as every kid needs to eat! To exit the gym, the student must have visited all the necessary booths and their checkbook must balance and have a balance between zero and three hundred dollars.The student cannot have a negative balance. On average, it will take each student about 2 hours to complete.

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